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Who is The Cap Crew

Get to know The Cap Crew. Each character has a “personality” and characteristics that make it easy for students to relate to them. Also provided is a helpful “How does this mushroom grow?” section, detailing the farming and growing methods of that particular mushroom.

Mushrooms and Nutrition

Mushrooms are making their mark. Contrary to their simple appearance, fresh mushrooms have a whole lot going for them.

Mushroom Anatomy

A helpful and easy to understand chart detailing the mushrooms anatomy. From Cap to Hyphae, you will know the exact role and function of each mushroom part.

Encouraging 5-10 A Day

  • Download "Encouraging 5-10 A Day" - Coming Soon!

Physical Activity Sheets

  • Download "Physical Activity Sheets" - Coming Soon!

Attention Teachers!

Mushrooms Canada has developed a new Teacher’s Guide for grade three elementary students. If you would like more information or are interested in a guide, please download a copy above or contact:

Mushrooms Canada

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